RapID Overview

RapID is a secure and simple way of allowing you to authenticate your users using two-factor authentication. Instead of using usernames and passwords, the RapID service securely deploys unique credentials onto your end-users' devices. Your app uses these credentials to prove the end-user's authenticity when signing in to your service.


If keys and certificates are a bit of a mystery to you, please read Explaining certificates.

How much does it cost?

RapID is licensed on the basis of one credential per app per device. So, for example, if Sam Jones had installed two of your apps on his smartphone, but only one of them on his tablet, then that would require three licenses.

A credential is required for each device an end user accesses your web service from. If the end user replaces a device for any reason the new device will need a new credential.

There is no additional cost regardless of the number of times a credential is used to access your web service.

Contact us for pricing information at sales@rapidauth.com

Sounds great! How do I integrate it?

To get credentials onto your end-users' devices you need to configure the RapID environment, which comprises of:

  • Your existing client app
  • Your existing web service
  • The RapID service

And the following three downloads:

Both certificates are placed on your web server, and the client SDK is integrated into your app. Set up

So, the integration steps are...

Step 1: Prepare your web server for RapID
Step 2: Connect your web server to the RapID Server API
Step 3: Update your app to talk to the RapID Client API